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Published Work

  1. Kim, Y. J., Toh, S. M., & Baik, S. (2022). Culture creation and change: Making sense of the past to inform future research agendas. Journal of Management, 48, (6): 1503-1547. 

  2. Kim, Y., Baik, S., Toh, S. M., & Luan, Y. (2020). Leadership by Gender Stereotypes: Systematic Examinations of Culture and Gender of Leaders. In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2020, No. 1, p. 18528). 

  3. Baik, S., & Kesebir, S. (2017). Gender differences in the valuation of effort: Women want to be rewarded for and reward effort more than men. Academy of Management Proceedings.

  4. Savani, K., Cho, J., Baik, S., & Morris, M. W. (2015). Culture and judgement and decision making. The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making, 2 Volume, 456. 


Selected Work in Progress

  1. “The bias for talent in recruitment attracts narcissistic job seekers” (3rd Round Revise & Resubmit at Academy of Management Journal).

  2. “Ways women lead: Adapting leadership behaviors to culturally tight-loose groups and male subordinates” *The Winner of the Faculty Transnational Research Award, Gender and Diversity in Organization Division (GDO), Academy of Management (AOM) (Manuscript Revision for Administrative Science Quarterly).

  3. “The Functionality of the Formal Gatekeeper in Remote Working Teams: Two Field Experiments Investigating the Role and Position of the Formal Gatekeeper on Team Outcomes” (Manuscript Revision for Administrative Science Quarterly).

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